SKELETON INVASION ... _____________________________________________________________________________


Skeleton Invasion has more than 25 Effects Chapters, to be a very usable DVD with a lot of variations on the Skeleton Scenes. Skeletons walk alone or in groups, going sideways or towards the viewers. Skeletons come in a variety of backgrounds. WHITE background let's you project directly onto the side of a house, or onto a light colored wall, with the white light around the Skeletons illuminating your wall without additional lighting. BLACK backgrounds let you project only the Skeletons, if you like that effect, or if you want to project onto Scrim stretched across the yard or room. Skeletons walk down various staircases, in the Woods, Cemetery, in front of a Haunted House, and inside Castle Halls, Black rooms and in and out of Fire. The Highlight effects in this DVD is a few chapters with a Skeleton Breaking out a window, and walking out of the room, with falling glass.

FOR ONLY - $39.00

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