The Morris Effects Kit with Effects ...

The Morris Projector PRO-FX Video Projection Kit ...

Introducing the PRO-FX Video Projector Kit, which is a Joint Venture of Morris Costumes @ &

The ProFX Projector Kit from Morris Costumes to you installed with ...

* Virtual Santa.
* Ghost Woman.
* Bugs.
* Ghouls.
* Skeletons.
* Zombies.
* Fireworks.
* Spider on Web.
* Victorian Carolers.
* Rear Screen.

Some FX contain a Portrait Framed option letting you rotate the projector 90 degrees to get a brighter image on a tall thin window. This is easily done by attaching the projector to a Camera Tripod, A cell Phone Stand, or attaching the projector to a simple Wood base you can make at home.

This compact projector allows image projection onto windows 2 - 5, 6 - 7, feet wide.

It is very small in size, lightweight and easy to use. The Projector can placed on a Table, a Chair, a Desk, a bookshelf or even onto the floor.

Simply insert the USB Thumb drive containing the Holiday Scenes, select MOVIE with the remote control, then arrow over and select the clips you would like to play.

To Play the scene or scenes, press the PLAY button on the remote.

To loop playback, press the OK button to bring up the playback menu screen. Arrow over to the repeat menu, and select repeat ALL to repeat more than one clip, or REPEAT ONE if playing back a single clip. The resulting effect is the most Curb Appealing of Any decoration yet.

The Rear screen included in the box, can be quickly put up on a window, with tape. You can also make a simple Storm Window type frame out of 1 x 3's, to make a Reusable Rear Projection Screen, custom fit to your window.

The purchase of this projector will include free access to a 90 minute Instructional video, Projected Reality 3, on Virtual Scenes ideas, home made rear screen frames, additional methods of holding projectors, and additional set-ups the customer can do, all designed by Visual Effects artist Jon Hyers, who is the inventor of Holiday Projections for the Home, and producer of the Visual Effects scenes which come with The Holiday Projector.

FOR ONLY - $238.00
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