haunted Library ...


Gives another Spooky Series of Ghostly Effects for creating that Haunted Mansion Library look, or Public/Classic haunted library, plus scenes of girls doing Spells at a table. 10 Scenes are included which can be mostly seen by looking at the photos here. Scenes included are:

1. Ghost Floating in a Library, putting a book on a shelf, bright room.
2. Ghost Floating in a Library, putting a book on a shelf Spooky Lighting.
3. Same Scene with a Student reading in the foreground.
4. Student Reading in Foreground as magic books float around the room.
5. Similar Scenes with twice as many floating books.
6. Floating Ghostly Books with Ghost moving in the scene.
7. Huge Library Scene with 2 Ghost Floating behind studying Girl.
8. Similar Scene with different Ghost movements.
9. Girl Does Spell in Magic Dungeon.
10. Two School Girl clothes girls, Duplicate their Heads in a Witches Pot.

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