This DVD contains exclusively Ghosts superimposed into Graveyard type backgrounds, filmed on-location in Ireland. Ghosts float, walk and crawl in a variety of backgrounds, with and without fog. The suggested use is a Back Wall of a haunted attractions Graveyard Set. In film terms, these effects "form" the Establishing Background Shot of such a scene. Users are encouraged to build foreground elements, using styrofoam Gravestones, and to uses additional Jon Hyers video projection DVDs to create a larger graveyard environment. Additional projectors could be used to put faces on gravestones, or other ghouls crawling on the ground closer to your audience.

Graveyards with Ghosts DVD is recorded in widescreen, set your video projector and DVD player in 16:9 mode, or otherwise until you like the resulting projection, most used projectors are going to be 4:3, not 16:9, so you MIGHT need to make an adjustment. However many players are automatic, and you may be able to just turn it on and hit play [the repeat chapter, to keep the effect of your choice going].

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