GIANT SPIDERS ... ____________________________________________________________________________


Giant Spiders was made to be an EXTREMELY Usuable DVD with a lot of variations on the effects.

First, you get Single and Multiple Spiders Large, Very Big and HUGE.

Spiders come in a variety of backgrounds. WHITE background let's you project Spider directly onto Wall or Ground, and the white light around the Spider/s lights up your wall without additional lighting. BLACK backgrounds let you project only the Spiders. 

ROOM/WALL/GROUND scenes also appear with the Spiders in various forms. For example, many spiders crawl from a hole in a cement wall, all of which project as the image you use, onto your white surface [wall, garage door, screen]. But the same effect comes with a white background letting your project this onto the side of your house, or wall paper making the spiders come from any of your walls [without the cement texture being applied]. Where appropriate, many of the spider scenes above ALSO come in a soft edge matted version.

FOR ONLY - $39.00  

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